We didn't do the waterfall pursuit and it hasnt changed at all since it was created

We didn't do the waterfall pursuit and it hasnt changed at all since it was created

Well they finally added that in lately, so I chose to come back to check it out again. First, I got my buddy to play Runescape with me by osrs gold paypal performing a fake-group-iron-man (since group ironman isnt implemented yet, we just made the principles ), with the goal of beating Dragon Slayer in OSRS. The idea being that game for OSRS is enjoyable since the isnt death, and beating Dragon Slayer is a cool F2P goal requiring us to do the other quests also. We must about combat degree 12 and had a few levels in some other skills when she wanted to stop...

I open up my accounts and I have no idea what to do with it because I have all these quests and levels complete already from back when this version was RS2. So instead of trying to work out my account's place on the planet, I decide to start from scratch and convince my girlfriend to try our fake-group-iron-man let's conquer Dragon Slayer again but on RS3 that time. She insists, and we have not been able to stop playing. Took a little effort at first to arrange the UI how we like (I have two monitors I play with it on for different reasons, and one is a vertical screen. I have saved two UI presets and it is so amazing to be able to drag RuneScape game to the other monitor and load the preset), but otherwise RuneScape game was entertaining all around.

The skill grind is much more fun (especially as fake-iron-men, we can take advantage of double xp weekend and the free treasure hunter secrets to get some incentive xp, but we arent just grinding out whatever will make us the most cash in the GE). We literally have nearly foundation 50s in our abilities (and even 70smith and mining right now because the rework is great). She (and I) adore doing the quests. Some are voice acted and most have a stuff going on. We havent beaten Dragon Slayer yet but we got members (which we definitely didnt plan on doing daily ) because our skills are leveling up fast enough for us to think about that something like Monkey Madness should be our real aim. We didn't do the waterfall pursuit and it hasnt changed at all since it was created.

So she said that you felt boring and just like we were only clicking where a wiki guide told me to click since"I'd have never figured that I'm supposed to go at the home that the river washed me up close, then move in the attic and search all of the book shelves so that I could learn that I need to go to tree gnome village and appear beneath a trap door, in my!". But the quality of lifestyle changes such as the toolbelt and the rework, and the quests, along with the grind lodestones conduct energy, as well as the skills, some skills being F2P, etc make RuneScape really enjoyable. My OSRS's membership to cover this account membership was canceled by literally. I am quite enjoying this fake-iron-man encounter although I was definitely a RS3 hater.

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