For badges simply try to keep yourself honest and never go nuts

For badges simply try to keep yourself honest and never go nuts

Utilize the my career builder, create what is your build, screenshot your characteristics when done, together with the badge count. It usually comes out about 83/85 overall, and I only progress them out there. If you truly want more you are NBA 2K21 MT able to export the participant DNA after u make the participant and upload the onto a draft prospect. You will have the ability to see your players wingspan to get that exactly as u want, and can see where u get drafted, if you would like the experience of not choosing where u playwith.

Listing that out of memory so I could be off a little, but it catches the vague idea. By producing a participant who's'newcomer' level you can still hang/dominate when leaving room for advancement.

For badges simply try to keep yourself honest and never go nuts. As a foundation starter you would probably just have a couple badges from any of those categories, and not one of them are HOF and few of them would gold if any at all. For progression I don't know what to tell you, I play with 10ish games dump a few points into an area try to limit the ovr growth to 2 or a point and I'd like to improve. Adhering to this system I typically will be in the mid/upper 80s all star break and will start to have some dope badges. I refuse to give my participant HOF badges.

I was a little over the top with it actually, but I spent some time searching through the attributes and tendencies for Trae Young and Steph Curry (for instance ) and Dejounte Murray (for defence) and gave my man similar strengths and weaknesses, but did not put the strengths as large as these guys. But I'm hoping that this will make him advancement to be passer an elite shooter and dribbler with large rated defence. My player is around 80 after around 40 games and started out at 78 entire. I do not know how the progression is going to work, but I am planning on tweaking it every now and then anyway so that I will fix it if it's going wonky.

What do y’all frankly think of this?

I've got this build but at 6'a SG along with 7. Really no reason you get more badges that are wayyyy at SG. Proceed 6'7 rather than 6'8 so it's possible to get elite contacts at 98 overall rather than 99.9. I mean. I made it to buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins play the 3 at park '8. Pretty much what each player does with it. Badges are nice I do it, but flexibility and mismatches will also be nice. If you want sg go for it or if you are searching for contacts go to your 6'7' sg. Although I question why you wouldnt make it 6'6 at sg at the point.

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